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Keeping You Protected

When it comes to property ownership, there are measures you can take to ensure your protection. Central Illinois Inspection Corp offers a variety of services that help you avoid disastrous situations. We proudly serve clients in Decatur, Illinois.

People Consulting on Project

Construction Consultation

Prevent your construction company from cutting corners. We help you achieve this by performing a series of inspections while your house is being built. This helps to ensure that you get exactly what you want from your custom build.

Expert Witness

Get the support you need in court. We are able to appear as an expert witness in your relevant court proceedings.

Thermal Imaging

Easily identify problems that cannot be seen by the naked eye. We use an infrared cameras and thermal imaging techniques in all of our inspections. This helps to pinpoint trouble areas, including:

• Structural Defects • Roof Leaks • Plumbing Issues • Electrical Issues

Environmental Testing

Make sure that your water quality is up to par. We provide well water inspections that help you do just that. Rest assured knowing that we use an accredited lab for the testing of your environmental material. We offer other types of testing, including:

• Radon • Allergen • Mold • Asbestos